Marvin Prevost

Missionary to the Blind

Missionary Since:2003
Location:Fresno, California
Sending Church:First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
Website:Click Here
Misistries:Printing Braille Literature
Marvin Prevost and Wife

Marvin Prevost, who is blind, has been printing Braille literature since 2003. The name of his organization is known as Desktop Braille Publishing (DBP).

Desktop Braille Publishing in cooperation with a print shop in Texarkana reproduces ABA Sunday school literature in Braille and sends it free of charge to blind Braille readers upon request. The primary recipients of the Braille literature are readers who primarily read Braille and are members of Missionary Baptist Churches.

The Braille literature is produced on request and includes: Sunday school, BTC and VBS quarterlies as well as the related teacher's helps. DBP also has several Gospel tracts, the Church Covenant, our brochure and several books such as "The Trail Of Blood," "The Glorious Church," "Discipleship," and "The Golden Key." All of these Braille materials are available in either grade 1 or grade 2 Braille.